Lincoln is someone with fantastic people skills. For someone so mathematically minded he has confidence, sense of humour and above all charisma.
His extensive experience and academic accolades put him in the perfect position to give excellent financial tuition. He is very supportive and always willing to help,his students especially when they need him the most.

Marcus W
Real Estate Agent

Lincoln is a great tutor. I’ve been doing my MBA and so far I haven’t struggled with any apart from my finance unit. I seeked Lincoln’s advise. If you are a practical learner then he is the guy for you. He gets right to the point , teaches you all basics and shows you to apply yourself in the unit.

I hated the textbook content in it was great to see someone draw out the theories and calculations. Passed with flying colours!

Thanks lincoln

Ruchira R
Business Development

Having dealt with a number of accountants previously, I can now look no further for one as talented and meticulous as Lincoln. With both a small business and a number of personal tax complexities, Lincoln has been able to simplify and save us both time and money. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lincoln for all your accounting needs!

Lisa A
Metallurgical Scientistic

Lincoln has tutored my children in Maths for 2 years with great success. Our daughters grade went from a C to an A in 6 months. He gives our children the one on one attention they just don’t get at school and as our children learn differently he customizes the tutoring in a way that each of our kids can easily understand. With Lincoln’s tutoring our children have gained so much confidence. We highly recommend Lincoln to anyone looking for a friendly, exceptional tutor.

SuTapa Aich
High School Teacher

“Lincoln always demonstrates strong innovative mindset towards projects. He is acutely aware of the costs and benefits of the project, and is quick to analyze the available information to present the best financial value. He constantly invests in his self-development, and actively contributes with this talent and interpersonal skills to maximize the morale and effectiveness of the team. I would highly recommend him as a motivated entrepreneurial leader.”

P Venkatch
Professional Speaker

I am currently studying Civil Engineering and Commerce double degrees in UWA and I really want to thank Lincoln for that. He is not only an amazing and smart guy, he is able to teach very well and that is all you need. Although Lincoln is a very busy academic/mentor/entrepreneur, once he had committed, he will be fully engaged with his time. I can’t describe how much knowledge I have acquired from his tutorial. (2 hours tutorial= 1-week school learning!) Good Luck with everything Lincoln. You must be very lucky if he wants to be your tutor. Thank you so much once again. I am doing very well in my First Year. Thanks a lot Lincoln ! you’ve taught me so much in the past 6 months not only about maths but life as well thank you very much

Will F
, Qantas

Lincoln has Math tutored my two sons for over three years and both have improved significantly. He is friendly and helpful and tutors in an easy to understand manner.Lincoln is not only a great tutor but a wonderful mentor for who ever he tutors and is positive in every aspect with great concern for his student with follow ups often on out comes. I would recommend Lincoln to all.

Vinne L

After struggling with accounting in the past, attending a few tutoring sessions with Lincoln enabled me to advance my understanding of many concepts I was struggling with. He was very patient, flexible and knowledgable throughout the tutoring & I would highly suggest contacting him if your in need of some help!

Ella H

Lincoln is very passionate when it comes to finance and accounting! I was finding it very difficult to understand the key concepts of accounting, however with Lincoln’s help I managed to pass the unit with a distinction score of 76. I will definitely recommend Lincoln to my friends as he’s one of the best tutors that I have ever had.

Sara R
, Barney New York

Lincoln is an energetic entrepreneur and was very optimistic & enthusiastic from the get go. He was willing to offer his support whenever it was required & showed genuine interest in me as a client by always following up on issues to understand how I dealt with them. If you need some motivation & coaching to deal with challenges in his area of expertise (Accounting & Finance), !I highly recommend Lincoln Pan.

Michael G

Lincoln is very knowledgeable and passionate in the fields of finance and accounting. In particular, his real-world experience in these areas makes for highly engaging and practical consultation. I would heartily recommend Lincoln to anyone looking for a consultant in these fields.

, PwC Australia

Lincoln worked with the team at WA Water Police for approx 6 months. He would put his hand to any consulting work we gave him and was able to exceed our strategic objectives. He fitting in very well to the office culture and was a very enjoyable person to have around.

, WA Police

I work Fly in fly out at a remote mining site for Rio Tinto and for years have struggled to find a reliable, knowledgeable and efficient accountant to process my annual Tax return. A work colleague recommended I call his accountant Lincoln Pan as he had excellent above par dealings with him. I’ve have used Lincoln for the past 2 years now and have no intention of going anywhere else! Communicating swiftly (thru prompt phone calls, emails, and text messages) completing my tax return without even having to visit in person, was an absolute breeze. Lincoln is highly knowledgeable, has a great attention to detail, very efficient paperwork processing skills and will definitely get you your highest potential return from your income tax return. Definitely pain-FREE. Thanks, Linc!!!

, Rio Tinto

Lincoln Pan is a maven in the field of finance and accounting. Our business had the pleasure of hiring is firm to attend to our books and help with our company structure.

The results have been phenomenal. In less than 3months, we have already realised significant savings and profits based on the new model. Our taxation logging has never been better nor easier to manage.

I highly recommend Lincoln Pan as the strategic consultant for your business.

, Process Engineer

Lincoln has been fantastic to work with over the past two years for my accounting needs. He has helped me maximise my individual tax return each year, and has also assisted me in setting up my company. He handled all of the minute details while setting up my company, which has been invaluable to me. He made the process stress-free, easy to understand and effortless.
Lincoln has great communication, has always been very professional and works quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend his accounting services – whether it be for personal or business needs.

, Mckinsey & Company

I have had the privilege of working with Lincoln to develop my consultancy. He is knowledgeable, efficient, thorough and quick. I have recommended Lincoln to my networks and look forward to continuing to be his client. If you are looking for a brilliant strategy consultant, contact Lincoln!

, Jackman Furness Foundation For The Performing Arts

Lincoln is probably one of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working within the field of finance and accounting. His energy and passion for what he does is hands down the top reason that I would recommend working with Lincoln.

, Daniel McKenna Consulting

Lincoln is a highly professional and very knowledgeable consultant, specializing in Finance & Accounting.
Thank you Lincoln for the time you have spent with us at MGM BULK, it was a successful outcome and we obtained the qualifications that you had helped to assist in.

Julie G
, MGM Bulk Transport