How to turn Nothing into Something?

Seven years ago, I worked 50 plus hours in a fast food company. Every week my biggest goal is to pay car petrol and grocery bills. I like to give myself lots of excuses for everything I don’t have: jobs opportunities, Permanent Residence (equivalent to the green card in the US ) and even my Chinese accent. I still remember every night after 12 hours shift; I like to sit in the car and listen to Tony Robbins tape for half hour, and thinking: there is something more out there…

Fast forward, seven years later, I have just achieved MBA and my businesses allows me to work with amazing people and travel across global in any destination, which I have never dreamed before. If you tell me seven years ago all these events, I would say: be realistic.

Realist ?! What is the point to be realistic? Be wiser. The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it. if you can change, everything will change for you. Three reflections have helped me thrive and get wiser:

1. Be grateful for what you have, while pursuing all your want. 2.7 billion people live below $2 per day. What we have is plenty to manifest all we want. Every time I feel down, I am thinking five things I am so grateful about RIGHT NOW: food, car, friends, family and opportunities on hand.

2. Start from where you are with what you have, as what you have, is plenty. So often we focus on the 99% of things we not good at and forget the 1% of gifts we have for granted. Until today I am still getting more NO than Yes, forget about the NO, focus on the Yes– just because others can’t see your value, it doesn’t mean you are invaluable. Recognize one thing you are good at and spend the time to polish it, you will be amazed how this ONE thing could take you to anywhere.

3.If you can change, everything will change for you. Instead of asking what can I get, we can reframe the question into: what can I give? Then polish one skill you are great at and share it with people who need it. You can have everything you want; you just need to help enough people to get it.

I am writing this article on top of the 30,000 ft airplanes on my way to Prague for New Year Eve celebration. 2017 is here,I know it is going to be a fantastic year ahead, as I have decided it to be. Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

Happy New Year!

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