Happy New Year 2016

New Year.

New Perspectives.

New Opportunities.

New Purpose.

New Plans.

There is no doubt, NEWNESS is in the air right now. King’s can feel it,
we can’t ignore it; and the best thing we can do… is roll with it.

Each day you have the opportunity to be “born again”, but only once a
year do millions of us band together and usher newness into our
individual and collective lives.

We allow the light of newness to come flooding into our lives when we
open our hearts to what IS and what CAN BE.

Where are you right now?

Who have you been for the last 12 months?

Where would you like to be?

Who do you have to become to get there?

These are the questions I you; I ask myself; and I ask of The World.

Will you ravish this year with purpose action?

Or will you continue to sit by… watching and waiting?

Will you use this opportunity to execute with NEW purposeful thought-seeds, positive passion and decisive action?

Or will you let yet another year pass you by, where good intentions fall on rocky ground,
are blown away by the wind, or are carried afar by birds?

Ground your good intentions in ACTION.

Know your purpose.

Choose your plan.

And take deliberate, disciplined action.




Love & Passion


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