3 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Walking On Fire

This past weekend I attended Unleash the Power Within (UPW) with Tony Robbins in Sydney. There I was, Thursday night, chanting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” supporting my fellow peers as we conquered our fears and experienced the incredible power of the mind, as we walked over 1150°C coals.

To my very surprise, I woke up the next day to tons of messages, missed calls, and e-mails from friends and family asking if I was alright. Alright?! I was more than alright, I was OUTSTANDING! And then I heard about the announcement – out of over 5,000 participants who walked, only less than 20 people got blisters.

Here’s the truth. Just because a couple of people get burned, in any situation in life, it doesn’t mean you will. If you’re thinking about walking the path of entrepreneurship, these are 3 lessons from firewalk experience I believe they will help to achieve your goals:

 1. Take a leap of faith into yourself and into the process.

As Richard Branson says, “Screw it, Let’s do it”. You must put your fears, hesitations, and limiting beliefs aside and just take a leap of faith in the process. During the firewalk, tapping the very first step was the most difficult part for me. The illusions of getting hurt and fear of failure are limiting people taking the very first step. In entrepreneurship, there are a lot of unknowns. Find a mentor. Get a coach. Have some support to help guide you through the process, and take a leap of faith into their teachings.Most importantly, take a leap of faith in yourself. I live by the mantra “set your goals and become the person it takes to achieve them.” Come into entrepreneurship knowing that you will have to stretch yourself, work harder than you ever had before, and prepare yourself to reach your goals no matter what it takes.On the other side of your fear, you’ll find your greatness.

 2. Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable.

Getting ready to walk on fire after 12 hours training was nowhere near comfort. I was considering backing out. “I am just not the type of person who can walk on fire successfully and painlessly, what if I get burn during the walk?”, I thought.

But I look at the end side of the firewalking lane– it reminds me of freedom, passion and family,friends, business partners who have put the trust in me. The pain of regret far exceeds the potential blisters from the firewalking. So I walked. And it was OUTSTANDING. It was sheer happiness, excitement, and one of the proudest moments of my life. In entrepreneurship, you don’t know how amazing you can be, how far you can stretch yourself, and how huge your vision can become until you simply do it. Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can. One day you look back and you will be surprised what an amazing journey you just had–the clients you have served, the friends you have made, and most importantly, the person you have become along the journey.

3. Dance with your fear by taking massive, determined actions.

Prior to walking on coals at the Unleash the Power Within seminar, Tony spent 6 hours mentally preparing us for the walk. One of the most important techniques we had to learn was to look up while we’re walking, rather than looking down and focusing on the hot coal. As soon as you look at the fire, your brain leaves that prime state that we worked so hard to cultivate, and it starts telling you that you should be in pain. When you start focusing on the potential pain, it takes over.

The same goes for entrepreneurship. Going into it, you must accept that there will be pain, there will be lots of mistakes, there will be those days sleeping in your car (in my case) and arranging appointments after appointments with zero guarantee you are getting paid. But if that is what you choose to focus your attention on, you will not have a good time, and most importantly, it will be hard for you to learn from those experiences and move forward.As an entrepreneur, it is crucial that you acknowledge that there will be pain, and despite that look up, keep failing forward, learning, tweaking, implementing, failing, and tweaking again.

The firewalk is an invaluable experience reminding me that: there are no failures, only outcomes – therefore you always succeed since you have now learned how to do things better, and opportunity has arisen. You cannot be afraid to go after greatness – put real emotion behind attaining your goals and know without a doubt that you are capable of achieving anything that you truly want.

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